Come and see the view

Terrassen Camping

Open : 07/04-2017 – 17/09-2017

You are welcome to contact us around our opening days:
Telephone: +45 86 84 13 01

We look forward to seeing you all

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Kids vacation
Kids vacation
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Happening now

Currently exciting events


Regatta 2017

Come visit us and be a part of this years biggest party!


European culture capitol

Terrassen Camping is the perfect place to live, when you want to go and see the Europena culture capitol Aarhus and Silkeborg.

Terrassen Camping Video

Tempted? Then watch our video which gives a great impression of the view, as well as, the cozy enviroment found at Terrassen Camping!

The kids love

our heated pool

Activity calendar

Every camper has access to

Free Wi-fi



Mountian biking

Mountian biking

MTBGuideSilkeborg has guided tours in the forrests around Silkeborg.

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Helicopter round trip

Helicopter round trip

Imagine a trip of 10 min. where you can choose to go over Himmebjerget, over the lakes around Silkeborg and over the new highway - all seen from the skye.

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(in Danish)

We always have

Heated pool

Opens mid May (lastet the Kr. Himmelfart) and closes the 31 August.

Sailing options

Canoe – Solar cell boat
routeboat - bring your own boat

Track / routes

Walk, run or bicycle
(ask for a map)


Round trip
More info from the reception


Small store, pizza delivery and
great restaurants in the area.

Free Wifi

750 down
750 up