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11 min. by train Read more about Silkeborg!

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38 min. by train Read more about Aarhus!

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2 hours by boat
Read more about Silkeborg!

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35 min. by boat

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Camping & Cottages
Himmelbjergvej 9A, Laven
DK-8600 Silkeborg
Tel. +45 86 84 13 01
E-mail info@terrassen.dk
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31/3-2023 - 17/9-2023

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Enjoy the view from Terrassen

Terrassen Camping is a 4-star campsite with 250 units plus cabins, mobile homes and mobilehomes. Most of these are set apart on terraces, so the magnificent view of the Silkeborg lakes can be enjoyed unobstructed. Terrassen Camping is Denmark's second highest campsite with direct view of sky mountain.

Camping at Silkeborg

Terrassen Camping is located in the middle of the Danish Lake District - and is your ideal holiday base when you are going to enjoy your camping holiday at Silkeborg. Just below Terrassen Camping there is a direct train link to Silkeborg and in just 11 min. Are you in Silkeborg center. In addition to train connections, you will also find tourist boats that can take you to Silkeborg, Ry or to the sky mountain.

Camping at Aarhus

Get the amazing scenery at the Silkeborg Lakes mixed by direct train link to Aarhus city center. Terrassen Camping has a train connection right below the site , and in just 38 min. you are in Aarhus. Camping near Aarhus does not have to be in the middle of town - at Terrassen Camping you get it all. Peace, tranquility, magnificent views and easy transport to Aarhus.

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